Waiting for the End of The World by F. Andrew Taylor

About Waiting for the End of the World:

Waiting for the End of the World is an on line comic by noted columnist and cartoonist F. Andrew Taylor about the lighter side of the apocalypse. It features a wide array of characters in a variety of settings, but don’t let that throw you – there are really only three main story lines – one set in the past, one in the future, and one in the present. Anything else is either a red herring, flavor text, or some plot point being snuck in.

The strip was originally created for vegasdeluxe.com in the heady early days of online content, when no one was sure exactly how to make money off of it. Eventually, the site administrators realized what they were doing wrong, changed their name and became a wildly successful and profitable site, after they cut out extraneous features, such as on line comics.

The strip, with it’s great bulk of unfinished storylines languished in limbo for years until Taylor revived it for the Blood Blade and Thruster website. For this incarnation the strip has been given a complete makeover. The art has been cleaned up, colored and re-lettered. Parts of the story have been rearranged for clarity’s sake and new pages are being inserted into the storyline where necessary to round out the story. Some of the text has been edited, sometimes to excise reference to events that have already passed during the strip’s limbo and sometimes because the writer thought of a better or simply funnier line.

The strip draws it’s inspiration from the numerous people and groups who have waiting with strange eagerness for the apocalypse over the years. It also draws from current events, observation of the many eccentrics who are somehow drawn to Taylor, the late lamented Weekly World News and hours of listening to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast, strictly for research purposes. Throw in a little Marx brothers, X-Files, Phillip K Dick, Billy Jack, Phil Foglio and touch of Scooby Doo, and you’ve got the makings of Waiting for the End of the World. Enjoy the strip, it should be a fun if somewhat bumpy ride.
by noted columnist and cartoonist F. Andrew Taylor presented in all it’s glory, to you, our loving public by the good folks at BBT Magazine!

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