Waiting for the End of The World by F. Andrew Taylor

About BBT Magazine

BBT #2

BBT Magazine, or Blood, Blade, and Thruster Magazine to the neophyte, is a print magazine that blends speculative fiction & satire.

Think Realms of Fantasy meets The Onion.

Think Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine meets Mad Magazine.

While pondering the lack of humor present in most genre magazines, Lucien Spelman fell into a deep Guinness induced meditative state. Upon waking several days later, he flushed, threw open the door, and announced his Quixotic mission to bring high-quality, satirical content to the world of The Geek.

Lucien created BBT Magazine in June of 2006, and with a self-deprecating sense of humor about his own geeky nature, and the help of long-time friend Kennedy Smith and avant guard roustabout Earl B Morris, he premiered the first issue in Sept of 2006.

Between the covers were short stories by some of the best new satire and spec-fic writers of the year, the only interview with Neil Gaiman ever done in a dead language, and sublime artwork from some of the hottest artists around.
By the second issue, readers and critics alike had started to pay attention.

On our current regular editorial/blogging staff we have the talents of some of the finest, funniest folks in the small press world, including young master Pete Tzinski on drums, Gregory Adams playing the foldable flute, and Christoffer Saar pushing pencils. Also be sure to keep a lookout on our blogs for ARS Geek’s occasional meanderings into all things Geek.

BBT Magazine has started to develop a cult following around its own unique brand of storytelling and we hope that readers will find a refreshing lack of literary sobriety between our covers for years to come.

In addition to stellar fiction by some of the worlds best and brightest, in upcoming issues and blog posts we have sit down interviews with such luminaries as the overnight sensation (who only had to work 20 years to get there) Joe Hill; the man Time Magazine called “The New Tolkien,” one of our favorite writers, George R R Martin (author of the best selling Song of Ice & Fire series); the man behind the cult of Repairman Jack, F. Paul Wilson; and none other than the director of American Werewolf in London, Animal House, & The Blues Brothers, the great John Landis

We wrap this wonderful content between the pages of artwork so glorious you could hang it on your wall, and we even throw in a feature for the gamer geek in us all, a Mini-RPG Module, with every new issue!

It is our hope that you find a refreshing lack of literary sobriety between our covers for years to come.

Feel free to hang around our site and read our free webcomic, or dive right in and buy an issue or subscription to BBT Magazine!BBT #1

BBT #1

And remember our Motto:Minutus cantorum, minutus balorum, minutus carborata descendum pantorum


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